Jen Boyd


Murmur, Amplified Trees at SFEMF 2008

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I wanted to create an atmosphere that would take nature out of its element and place it in a space so that people could hear the sound and interact with it in ways that they might not be able to do in nature. This piece consisted of 13 sycamore trees that I found at Mills College, the arborist just cut these trees back and these were the remains for my piece. We built 2 benches to house the speakers and mixers. The idea of the piece was to let people sit on the benches and be engulfed in a canopy of branches that they could play. The piece for SFEMF was amplified the same way, but the listener could use headphones to listen and interact with the trees, giving them an intimate experience.

You don't hear these sounds as well with the naked ear, but these sounds exist. I hope to give people the chance to become more aware of their environment when they are in it.

Signal Flow, Mills College 2008

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